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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Writing and a Freebie

Okay, so I feel like school just started and now we are already at Thanksgiving? I guess it makes sense considering I've seen Christmas stuff in stores for weeks already! We will probably see Valentines Day stuff starting next week?

Anyways, I love all the activities, books, crafts, and MORE about Thanksgiving. I created this writing pack with some of the activities that I have used in the past and my kiddos love it! I have also really seen a love of writing prompt cards in my class, so I decided to start making monthly, or theme prompt cards. When my students are able to free write, I have many who ALWAYS take the writing prompt cards and write the cutest stories!

This pack that I made has 36 pages of FUN!! 

It includes:

1.I am thankful for…. (whole page)
2.I am thankful for _____ because…(half page blank)
3.I am thankful for _____ because…(half page with b/w picture)
4.How to cook a turkey (full page lines)
5.How to cook a turkey (First, Next, Last)
6.How to help a turkey escape (full page lines)
7.How to help a turkey escape (First, Next, Last)
8.How to make pumpkin pie (full page lines)
9.How to make pumpkin pie (First, Next, Last)
10.THANKS Acrostic
11.PILGRIM Acrostic
12.INDIAN Acrostic
13.Blank Turkey Writing Paper
14.Blank Pie Writing Paper
15.Blank Pilgrim Writing Paper
16.Blank Indian Writing Paper
17.Thanksgiving Words (Writing Prompt Poster)
18.Thanksgiving Then Vs. Now (Venn Diagram) (b/w)
19.Thanksgiving Then Vs. Now (Venn Diagram) (color)
20.Indians vs. Pilgrims (Venn Diagram) (b/w)
21.Indians vs. Pilgrims (Venn Diagram) (color)
22.Turkey Facts
23.Pilgrim Facts
24.Indian Facts
25.My Turkey Story
26.Thanksgiving Foods (List Writing)
27.My Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery List (List Writing)
28.Turkeys Can, Have, Are
29.Blank Writing Paper with topics:
3.The Mayflower
30.5 facts I learned about Thanksgiving
31.Thanksgiving Fun: What are some things you like to do on Thanksgiving?
32.What would the turkey say? (Creative writing)
33.If I were a Pilgrim (write about your experience on the first Thanksgiving)
34.If I were an Indian (write about your experience on the first Thanksgiving)
35.On Thanksgiving, my family...
36.Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page!

Click on the pictures to grab a copy!

I have also took a page from the pack for a FREEBIE for you!! Follow my blog and/or teacherspayteachers to receive followers ONLY freebies coming up!! :)

Click below for your own copy!!!

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