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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Calendars and Labels: A Start to My Classroom Organization Tour!

Organization could probably be my middle name. I like to organize things that are organized. I thought it would be fun to share some of my classroom organization and teaching organization! This post is mainly about calendars and labels, but stay tuned because the rest will be coming soon! :)

Calendars...who doesn't love calendars? I use these in my personal lesson plan binder but you can also use them for student calendars as well!

Although this doesn't necessarily pertain to organization, I also have reading log calendars that I send home monthly with my students. This helps students stay organized and track their at home reading!

Of course, the only way I'm able to stay sane with all of the million supplies us teachers have is LABELS! I LOVE goes with the territory of being super organized, but when I say I love labels....I mean I'm OBSESSED. I wish I could take pictures in my classroom now to show how many more labels I've put up, but I promise I will get to that as soon as school starts back up!


In addition to supply labels, I have number and letter labels. These chevron numbers and letters are great for classroom labeling, math tub labeling, student tables, and MORE!

and now of course, there are many things that you probably just want to label yourselves, so I made a blank EDITABLE labels pack!

and of course I always have to throw in a fun FREEBIE! Here are some FREE black and white editable labels!

Thanks for checking out this post! Stay posted for the other awesome organization posts!