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Monday, June 24, 2013

Giveaway WINNER!

So, I decided to be extra giving today and have TWO winners for this WONDERFUL giveaway! Congratulations to Megan Loefke and Gale Daniels! Be expecting an e-mail from me soon and let me know which Scott Foresman Reading Street product you would like!! 

Thanks for being AWESOME followers and supports of my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers store! I really appreciate it :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading Street GIVEAWAY!!

As promised in my last post, I am running a GIVEAWAY!! Check out the post below to see all of my new Scott Foresman Reading Street resources! There are resources for Kindergarten and First Grade!

Remember the MORE things you do, the MORE points you get, which means the higher probability of you winning this GIVEAWAY! You'll also benefit from following me (here and on TeachersPayTeachers) because you'll receive updates on when I post new products or even have freebies/giveaways! 

In this giveaway, you can receive points from:

-Following my blog
-Following my TeachersPayTeachers store
-Liking my facebook page
-Commenting on my blog!

See, aren't those things SUPER simple!? :)

The winner will be able to choose ANY 2 of my Reading Street resources....and maybe more :)


Monday, June 17, 2013

K/1 Reading Street Resources GALORE!!

So, I don't know about your school, but ours (and I know of many others) that are switching over to new Common Core Curriculums. Our entire district is switching over for reading and math. For reading, we are moving over to the Scott Foresman Reading Street (2013 Common Core Edition). This curriculum is totally different than the one we previously had, so I figured I would get a head start getting acclimated to this new curriculum.

Since I teach a K/1 combination class, I have been making resources for BOTH! I am planning on (hopefully, soon!) making a combination resource/pacing guide to match up both curriculums!

Anyways, I wanted to share everything I have been making, if you FOLLOW both my blog and my TeachersPayTeachers store, you'll be able to see when I post FREEBIES/GIVEAWAYS for these new curriculum products!!

Let's start with Kindergarten!

Below are the sight word cards that go with the units!

 Now, here is a "master" list of the sight words, including a checklist, and record sheets! Note that I haven't put up ALL pictures, just a few to show you what you get. Click on the pictures to go to my TeachersPayTeachers Store with all of the resources.

The last kindergarten product I have is an "objectives/overview" pack which has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my planning. Included are:

- charts/tables with phonics, listening comprehension, speaking and listening, and conventions for EACH week! 
- charts with the unit/main selection title/genre
- High Frequency (Sight Word) chart sorted by unit/week
-Amazing Word lists (Oral Vocabulary) also sorted by week!

This has helped my organization IMMENSELY! I hope it helps you as much as it has for me :)


Now onto my FIRST GRADE resources. First grade has a MUCH larger selection of material, so I have more resources for that. I am still in the making of more products for each grade level!

Sight Words Cards:


 The above pack is a sight word card pack that has the units organized by color! Each unit has one color for it: yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, purple

Then, there's a sight word card pack with ALL different colors!

Then, I made SPELLING word cards for each unit. These are great for literacy stations or even your focus wall! I always put up the week's spelling words in a pocket chart and I love how these bright colors stand out! 

You can buy the pack with ALL 5 units or you can buy them individually by unit!

Then, there's a sight word checklist/assessment pack that has:

- Sight Word Lists
- Sight Word Checksheet (with two check spots for before/after each unit)
- Sight Word Checksheet (with one check spot)
- Sight Word Lists (divided up by unit and week!)

So, as you can see I already have made A TON of Reading Street Resources...but know that there are MANY more to come.

Follow me to get updates on when I have freebies/giveaways....there will be one coming SOON!!! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Classroom Organization and LABELS!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE organization. I love it so much that I sometimes find my self organizing things that are already organized! Well, as I was cleaning up my classroom during post planning, I decided I wanted to make ALL of my labels match. So, I created a classroom labels MEGA PACK! There are 286 labels that you can use for almost ANYTHING in your classroom. 

I have a supply closet that I keep my supplies in tubs. I have an entire side for supplies, one shelf for reading, one shelf for math, and then multiple shelves for my "month boxes". I love my month boxes. They are those plastic file hanging tubs that you can get at office supply stores. I keep everything that goes on in that particular month in one. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of them...but I will as soon as I can!  Below are my supplies:

These right here are my reading materials. I have them all organized based on "topic". This is great when I need to pull something for the week, or for stations. I always know exactly where it is!

 The next two pictures are my supplies! I cannot believe how much supplies teachers have...and this isn't even close to all of it! I use plastic tubs to store everything in.

The pack includes:

Days of the Week
Alphabet Letters (GREAT for word walls!)

If you LOVE these labels as much as I do, click on the picture below to check them out!