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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Making a list...checking it twice!

The holiday season has quickly come and we all know that shopping is on our minds....but it's not only time to shop for your loved ones, but for yourself and your kiddos as well!

Now is the time to check your list for the TPT products that you've been wanting and wishing for because TPT is having another SALE!!

Check out my store and others as well to grab your favorites and get a lovely discount! The sale is on Monday, December 30th and Tuesday, December 1st!  
Don't forget to add the code to get an extra 10% off!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Veterans Day Flash Freebie and Take Home Project!

How do you teach your kiddos about Veterans Day?

We do this little booklet and the kids LOVE it!

and since I'm feeling generous, I'm making it a flash freebie for tonight only!!! Click on the picture to grab yours! :)

I also send home this take-home project.

We make an awesome american flag bulletin board (with our handprints) and use the stars as the stars for our flag! We are in the process of making ours, so I will post a picture when it is complete! Click on the picture above for it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!