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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teacher To-Do List Freebie!

Do you have to-do lists for your to-do lists? Well, I do! I feel like I am constantly making to-do lists and then I can't find those little pieces of paper that I wrote on!

This has by far been one of the best organizational tools for me! I made a "to-do" list divider of my lesson plan binder. That way, when I think of something that needs to be done, I write it there, and it's ALWAYS with me! Yes, I take my lesson plan binder with me me crazy :)

I wanted to help out my former teachers, so I decided to make it a freebie for ya'll!

Click on the picture to grab a copy of yours!

Happy Organization! Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Elephant Ending Sounds and Bear Beginning Sounds!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE literacy stations! I especially love making them! My favorite types are the interactive ones that they kids really get into! Because of this, I created two really fun stations that my kiddos really loved!

Beginning Sound Bears and Ending Sound Elephants! 

How to use this activity:

Print the elephants or bears (or both) onto different colored paper. Print the pictures (black and white or color on their own paper). Once you have copied the elephants/bears, cut them out, and glue the sound pictures on each elephant/bear.

How to play:

The students will pull an elephant (if doing ending sounds) or a bear (if doing beginning sounds), and write the beginning or ending sound on that picture. Then, color the picture to match the color of the elephant/bear!

Click here to grab a copy for yourself!

Follow my blog to find out about the freebies I will be posting this week and stay tuned for some giveaway opportunities! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a new school year!!