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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Alphabet Board Games!

I sometimes feel that my kiddos get board with constant repetition of letter recognition practice. I do a lot of small group practice with my kids, and I wanted to make something a little more exciting for them.

My students LOVE games. You put a skill with a board game and they are all over it! :)

So, I decided to make a bunch of alphabet games that you can use with your little ones!!

THese board games are perfect for small group instruction, practice, literacy stations, or even review! 

They help reinforce:
letter knowledge
letter sounds
beginning sounds/ending sounds
and MORE!


Capital Letter Board Game
Lowercase Letter Board Game
3 Blank Board Games
Capital Letters (color)
Capital Letters (b&w)
Lowercase Letters (color)
Lowercase Letters (b&w)


Roll a dice and move that many spaces. When you land on a square, you must say the letter name, letter sound, or beginning/ending sound. If you do, you can stay. If you do not, you must go back. 

There are many OTHER ways you can play this game:

Letter Sounds (say the sound the letter makes when you land on it)
Lowercase Letter Recognition (say the letter)
Uppercase Letter Recognition (say the letter)
Beginning/Ending Sounds (say a word that begins/ends with that letter)
Writing Practice (land on a letter, and you have to write the letter)

EVEN MORE ADVANCED IDEAS (for differentiation):

Land on a letter and write a word with that letter
Vowel Practice (make a word with that vowel in the beginning/middle/end)

The ideas are endless!!

There are also blank board games where you can roll the dice, and pick up a card. The student then has to say the name of the letter, sound, or word that starts/ends.

If you have any other ideas that you use with this pack please comment and share! I LOVE to hear how teachers use my products differently than intended! Everyone always has such great ideas!!

Click Here, or on the picture above to check it out! 

Happy Teaching!!


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