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Monday, July 2, 2012

Classroom Organization

One of the things that I LOVE is to organize. I seriously organize things that are already organized...sometimes it overwhelms me! But hey, I aways know where to find things!

Here is where I store my materials for the entire week. This is such a great tool because then there are never papers piled up and I can copy stuff ahead of time!

My classroom library is also organized so that the students always know where to put a book when they are done. Each basket has a label with the "genre" and it is in a certain color. The color on the label matches a small round circle on the bottom of the book. The children then know where to place the book after they are done reading it! I also try and put a dot on the label just in case the color is a little different, or if I put a design on the sticker!

New Blog Name...FINALLY!! :)

Things are finally coming together! I came up with a name that I could use for my combo class and I'm ready to get started on the planning this summer! Keep posted for new updates and ideas for the upcoming school year!