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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Writing and Story FREEBIE!

Happy day after Christmas! I hope that everyone got what they wanted and are finally relaxing!! (Which is something I should probably do too!) But, I've officially decided that this is the time catch up on EVERYTHING that is on my to-do list!

Which means, time to prepare for all of our fun winter stuff!!

I created this winter writing packet:

“Snow” acrostic
“Winter” acrostic
How many words can you make with the word: winter
How many words can you make with the word: snowman
How many words can you make with the word: snowball
How many words can you make with the word: hot chocolate
How many words can you make with the word: mittens
My Little Snowman (create a snowman) (2 different versions)
Winter Word Picture Cards
Write the room record sheet
All About My Snowman Fill in the blank
Senses Writing: In the winter, I (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)
How to build the perfect snowman:
Blank Paper
First, Next, Last
First, Next, Last (with pictures).
Winter Mad Libs! Fill in the parts of speech and then fill in the blanks for a funny story!
I have provided two options for each of the following writing prompts (large lines and smaller lines)
“All About My Snowman”
“You built a snowman and all of a sudden it grows legs, what happens next?”
“A penguin escaped from the zoo and is now in your classroom. Write a story about what happens”
“If I were a snowflake”
“In the winter, I see…” (with blank picture space)
“I wish it snowed...” (with blank picture space)
“When it’s cold outside I like to...”
“My favorite part of winter"

But I wanted to give ya'll a little freebie to start off your new year right! We did this with Christmas stories before winter break and the kids LOVED it! We then broke up into two groups and made up our stories and then shared them. They were amazed at how different a story is with just a few different words!! I hope your kiddos enjoy it as much as mine did!

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