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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reading Street First Grade Sight Words

I just LOVE when TPT buyers send me e-mails with pictures of how they've used my materials or put them up in their classrooms! I received an e-mail from Andrea at Wayside Elementary in Bakersfield, California with some pictures of her using my First Grade Reading Street cards!

They use them all year long! I think this is pretty cool that they had the cards each week, so their kiddos can use the others a reference when needed! Below are pictures of Andrea's classroom as well as some other first grade teacher's.

Thanks Andrea and her other amazing first grade colleagues for sharing these pictures!

If you are interested in the Reading Street First Grade Sight Words, you can check them out below:

Or visit my store to check out all of my other Reading Street Materials! I have materials for other grades as well. 


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